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Legal Affairs Committee - Euromat
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Legal Affairs Committee

The aim of the EUROMAT Legal Affairs Committee (LAC) is to provide knowledge, advice and information on specific legal issues related to gaming and other issues which are related to EUROMAT’s key goals.


A fundamental element to achieve this is the collection, the development and the promotion of legal knowledge on gaming and gaming-related matters from national and European Union levels, with the assistance of EUROMAT’s members.


The Legal Affairs Committee publishes statements and recommendations containing legal knowledge and support, which are at the disposal of EUROMAT’s member associations, as well as EUROMAT’s president, principal officers and the Executive Committee.


By doing so, the Legal Affairs Committee provides EUROMAT’s member associations and their legal advisors with information, professional opinions and arguments about decisions made by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, and advises on how the consequences of those decisions can affect members at a national level.


The role of the Legal Affairs Committee is especially relevant to EUROMAT’s members, as its activities may closely influence their domestic and international business.