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Committee for Social Responsibility in Gaming - Euromat
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Committee for Social Responsibility in Gaming

The EUROMAT Committee for Social Responsibility in Gaming helps to ensure that customers and users enjoy an entertaining experience in a regulated and safe environment. EUROMAT is committed to promoting responsible behaviour amongst its customers, industry stakeholders and employees.

The priority of the EUROMAT Committee for Social Responsibility in Gaming is to share best practice and promote initiatives that bring together all relevant stakeholders to promote responsible gaming. EUROMAT believes that industry, governments and stakeholders must work together to ensure that social responsibility serves customers, communities and employees.

EUROMAT’s Committee for Social Responsibility in Gaming also shares amongst its members credible studies and available research. Industry has a role to play in supporting the development of an appropriate evidence base. In this regard, it is only through a strong partnership between regulators, public health bodies and dedicated NGOs that we will enhance knowledge about the gaming industry to ensure better responsible gaming policy in Member States.

Click here to download EUROMAT’s latest report: Playing Fair: Social Responsibility in Gaming: Industry Commitments and Best Practice in the Land-Based Gaming Sector, or visit the following page to read more on EUROMAT’s position on Social Responsibility in Gaming

EUROMAT commitments


awareness amongst our member companies about the social impact of problem behaviour.


a combination of preventative measures including awareness, education, monitoring and control to tackle a complex problem.


best practice in responsible gaming.


our members to inform consumers about the possible damages that inappropriate gaming behaviour might cause.


with public health bodies, regulators and NGOs on the contents of this pledge and report at regular intervals on the progress towards meeting these commitments.

Committee Members

Sanne Muijser


Dutch Gaming Machines Association (VAN)


Karoly Buzás


Romanian Slot Operators Association (ROMSLOT)