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EUROMAT represents the gaming and amusement industry to increase the overall competitiveness of the sector through engagement in policy and regulation formation at EU level.

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EUROMAT launches its Responsible Gambling publication in the European Parliament on 4 November 2009.

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EUROMAT launches a book on "The Future of Gaming and Amusement in Europe" in the European Parliament on 28 November 2006

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APRIL 2014

Answer to MEP Belet's question on the re-launched infringement proceedings

The Commission has replied to the question from MEP Ivo Belet (EPP, BE) regarding the re-launch of the infringement proceedings. MEP Belet inquired as to whether all recently launched infringement proceedings were based on a compliant, how many complaints the Commission received about these Member States and whether the complaints mainly emanated from private operators.  Commissioner Barnier replied that to date, all infringement proceedings in the field of gambling services have been based on a total of 112 complaints received between 2002 and 2014, concerning 18 Member States. Complaints were submitted by operators, intermediaries, trade associations and individuals, who claimed unjustifiable restrictions under the rights guaranteed by the TFEU.

Link to Question from MEP Belet and Answer from the Commission

Answer to MEP Papanikolaou's question on the illegal gambling sector in Europe

Commissioner Barnier has responded to the question from MEP Georgios Papanikolaou (EPP, GR) about the illegal gambling sector in Europe. MEP Papanikolaou asked the Commissioner about the amount of active websites offering unlicensed games and whether this number has recently decreased. Commissioner Barnier replied that the Commission is aware that this is a major concern, in particular in the light of the growing participation by citizens in online gambling. The Commission is currently conducting a study on authorisation, supervision and enforcement in the area of online gambling, collecting data an information relating to the authorisation processes and supervision of online gambling services in EU and EEA Member States. The results of the study are expected by the end of 2014 and will inform possible future actions, possibly leading to a collecting of updated EU-wide data if deemed necessary.

Link to Question from MEP Papanikolaou and Answer from Commissioner Barnier

Question from MEP Silvestris on the link between money-lending and compulsive gambling disorders

Italian MEP Sergio Paolo Francesco Silvestris (EPP) has submitted a question to the European Commission regarding the link between money-lending and compulsive gambling disorder. The MEP states that in the Italian region Apulia, many families turn to money-lenders due to their problems with compulsive gambling. He asks the Commission to clarify whether it has any data that identifies a clear link between money-lending and compulsive gambling disorder, and whether this problem is prevalent in other EU Member States as well.

Link to MEP Silvestris Question

Question from MEP Muscardini on gambling apps for children

Italian MEP Cristiana Muscardini (ECR) has addressed questions related to gambling apps for children to the European Commission. Further to reports in Italian media, children aged 4 years and over are able to play slot games such as ‘Slot Jungle' and ‘Candy Slot', asking the Commission whether it is aware of these apps, whether the same problem has been identified in other Member States,  whether Member States could have the option to ban the production of apps that can lead players and especially minors to gamble, and what specific restrictions the Commission would propose to prevent devices of targeting children 4 - 8 years old.

Link to MEP Muscardini's question

European Parliament votes on 4th AMLD 

In the March plenary session, the European Parliament debated and voted upon the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (4th AMLD) in plenary in Strasbourg. With regards to gambling, the Commission said that it preferred not to allow any exemptions as they might be interpreted too widely, or be misused. During the debate, several MEPs of the Socio-democratic political group (S&D) expressed their support for the Commission's views. On the other hand, MEP Sampo Terho (EFD, FI) mentioned that the Directive could have the potential to hamper legal activities for instance in Finland, where the state-owned gambling industry should not be subject to the Directive.

In the end, all the gambling-related amendments that were adopted during the LIBE/ECON vote in February were adopted by a large majority of all MEPs in the Parliament. To recall, the adopted amendments include the option for Member States to exempt providers of certain gambling services (except casinos) from national provisions transposing the Directive, on the basis of a low risk posed by the nature of the operations, or a risk assessment. Prior to applying such exemptions, Member States shall seek approval from the European Commission. Customer due diligence measures are required from casinos and online gambling. When winnings of €2.000 or more are paid out, providers of other gambling services are also required to apply customer due diligence.

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